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09/15/2019Elder Robert Adam Luke 14: Hospitality and the Gospel
Sunday Morning Luke 14:1-24
Jesus, while attending a meal on the Sabbath, teaches concerning humility, hospitality, and the kingdom of God.
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09/11/2019Elder Robert Adam Article 2 Part 1: The identity and Authority of Scripture
Wednesday Night Selected Scriptures
We believe that the scriptures comprising the Old and New Testaments are of divine authority,
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09/08/2019Elder Robert Adam Malachi 1: Despised God's Name
Sunday Morning Malachi 1
Malachi reproves the priests for despising God's name in offering up substandard sacrifices on the altar, contrary to the law.
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09/04/2019Elder Robert Adam Article 1 Part 4: Attributes of God
Wednesday Night Selected Scriptures
We believe that God is eternal, immutable, infinite in wisdom, power, justice, holiness, mercy, and truth.
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09/01/2019Elder Robert Adam Isaiah 2: The Mountain of the Lord's House
Sunday Morning Isaiah 2
Isaiah prophesies of the establishment of the mountain of the Lord's house in the last days.
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08/28/2019Elder Robert Adam Romans 6: Baptized into Jesus Christ
Wednesday Night Romans 6
Paul used the Romans' baptism to teach and reinforce some important theological concepts.
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