Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church Edwardsville Illinois

What to Expect

What can you expect on your first visit to Little Flock Primitive Baptist Church?

Little Flock Church is very friendly. You can expect to receive many handshakes, smiles, and a warm welcome. We are always very happy to have visitors and will help any way we can. Please feel free to make yourself at home: help yourself to coffee or water and sit wherever you feel comfortable.

As stated in our sections on our Sunday and Wednesday services, we have thirty minutes of a cappella hymn singing with prayer midway through that service. We have congregational singing with one man starting and leading each hymn. The congregation verbally requests what hymns they would like to sing between songs. Our hymnals are collections of both classic hymns, some of which are hundreds of years old, and somewhat recent hymns. We close our song service with an opening hymn, during which the congregation may stand while singing.

We then have prayer and either a thirty minute (Wednesday) or hour (Sunday) preaching service; during this part of the service you can expect to hear the word of God preached in a reverent manner. We believe in the divine inspiration and preservation of scripture and thus we preach accordingly. We strive to preach all the counsel of God, so a variety of subjects are considered. Our primary intent in each sermon is to exalt the name of and point toward the Lord Jesus Christ.

Following the sermon, there is the publishing of the church’s open doors for the reception of members. This is the time where all are invited, if they are convicted of the truth of Jesus Christ, to come forward, profess their faith in Him publicly, and ask to be baptized into the church’s membership. Truly, we pray that the church’s doors are always open and ready to receive members, and thus we would always welcome those who desire to be disciples of our Lord and Savior to speak their desire; but this is the time especially marked out to call on God’s people to take up their cross and follow the Lord Jesus.

After the publishing of the church’s open doors, there is a closing hymn sung during which the congregation may stand. After the first verse, the congregation walks around to shake the hands of the preacher and then each other in fellowship. Feel free to participate in the handshake as you feel comfortable. Following the closing hymn and handshake, there are announcements and a closing prayer.

Each Sunday we have a potluck lunch after service, so we invite all to stay and eat with us. We do not want anyone to feel like they have to bring food to stay and eat; we typically have more than enough for everyone and would be glad for you to stay and continue to fellowship with us in our meal.