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05/27/2020Elder Robert Adam Article 12 Part 1: Good Works Should Be Maintained
Wednesday Night Selected Scriptures
We believe that good works, obedience to the commands of God, are well pleasing in His sight, and should be maintained in the church.
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05/24/2020Elder Robert Adam Romans 11 Part 3: The Mystery
Sunday Morning Romans 11:25-36
Paul explains the mystery of God's dealings with the Jews, which draws his praise and admiration.
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05/20/2020Elder Robert Adam Deception
Wednesday Night Selected Scriptures
Paul warns us to beware of deception, and gives us the remedy for such.
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05/17/2020Elder Robert Adam Romans 11 Part 2: The Goodness and Severity of God
Sunday Morning Romans 11:12-24
Paul speaks to the Gentiles, explaining how they need to be humble regarding God's goodness toward them.
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05/13/2020Elder Robert Adam Article 11 Part 5: What The Gospel Is Not
Wednesday Night Selected Scriptures
We deny that the preaching of the gospel is to offer grace to the unregenerate, or that it asserts there is an obligation resting upon the unregenerate to believe that Jesus is their savior.
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05/10/2020Elder Robert Adam Romans 11 Part 1: The Remnant
Sunday Morning Romans 11:1-11
Paul explains that God has not cast away His people, using himself and the faithful remnant of Jewish believers as proof.
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